South London feels the fever.

Fever Family

Leander Road Street Party, Brixton – 4th July 2015

Forget Glastonbury. Forget Isle of Wight. Forget Reading. This year it’s an unassuming street party in South London that steals the hearts and minds of some music loving, slightly inebriated bystanders. It may not have the decades of history or extravagant sound systems – a barking dog does briefly threaten to derail the set at one stage – but down in Brixton there is one street that partiers harder than all the rest. Kicking off proceedings are Leander Road’s very own Fever Family, a seven piece funk-soul outfit who have spent the last year whipping up delirious adulation in venues around the capital with a combination of bombastic tunes and wildly unrestrained dance routines.  Continue reading


Brooklyn’s foremost Jazz-Bhangra outfit crank up the funk.

Red Baraat

Gaadi of Truth

There are few bands who have ventured down the path of combining Bhangra music with jazz and funk. Fewer still can claim to have down so with as much success as Red Baraat, a Brooklyn-based musical collective whose line up swells and falls as required, although currently stands at eight strong, spread across an array of predominately percussion and brass instruments. Led by superbly moustachioed frontman/dhol drum player Sunny Jain, the band’s latest release Gaadi of Truth finds them effortlessly hurling themselves into the business of making riotous and irresistibly uplifting music. They have famously been dubbed “the best party band in years”, and rightly so on the evidence of their third full length studio effort. Continue reading