Alt-Rock Duo launch celestial Space Race chronicle

Public Service Broadcasting

The Race For Space

Think that an album charting the history of the 1960s Cold War Space Race between the USA and the Soviet Union isn’t for you? Think again. London-based musical pioneers/diligent public service archivists Wrigglesworth and J. Willgoose Esq return in 2015 with an album that expertly splices snippets of archived radio propaganda footage with a multitude of musical styles from art rock and disco-punk through to krautrock and electronica. Veering away from the temptation to produce a bleak, sparse backdrop of minimalist post-rock to accompany these grainy, crackling outtakes from the Huston and Moscow space centres, Public Service Broadcasting will propel you on a sonic voyage through the annals of musical history.

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Former Fleet Foxes drummer cuts loose with uninhibited second album.

Father John Misty

I Love You, Honeybear

Witty, intelligent, charming, casually self-deprecating, sharply dressed and only reluctantly sincere, Josh Tillman is undoubtedly a man who lets his music speak for itself. Having parted ways with extravagantly hirsute folk-rock icons Fleet Foxes back in 2012, the band’s former drummer returns with one of the most lyrically absorbing albums you can hope to get your hands on this year. Still boasting a beard of almost tropical luxuriance, Tillman shows an intuitive grasp of writing psychedelic folk tunes with lyrics wickedly cynical yet searingly honest and at times piercingly heartfelt.“Love is just an institution based on human frailty” he bellows on one of the album’s more perplexingly uplifting moments; his most striking attribute as a songwriter is to make such seemingly bleak and bitter sentiments feel profoundly cathartic. Continue reading

Columbian “Soul-Wop” pioneer embraces the Californian summer.

Kali Uchis

Por Vida

Boasting the effortlessly cool charisma of Gwen Stefani, similarly distinctive looks to those of Lady Gaga, and the smoky, soulful voice of Amy Winehouse, in many ways Kali Uchis already appears the complete package. Mentored by one of the rising stars of the hip hop production world, Odd Future founder Tyler, The Creator, and with a new EP co-produced by no fewer than eight collaborators (including Tyler himself along with Diplo, leader of Jamaican dancehall syndicate Major Lazer), Por Vida certainly looks like a recipe for success. Bringing with it an understated but self-assured swagger and light, breezy pop tunes that you can wager will be widely described as “sun-kissed” by the deluge of reviews to follow, the timing of the release to coincide with the onset of the American summer is unlikely to be an accident. Continue reading

Ageless L.A. rockers rediscover their groove.


Trust Fall – Side A

Following a three year hiatus which has spawned an array of solo projects and ever increasing speculation on their future as a band, Incubus have returned to doing what they do best; laying down bombastic riffs while lead singer Brandon Boyd provides esoteric lyrics and soaring vocals that give the recordings their signature flavour. Shunning the allure of an eighth studio album, the perennially youthful west coast outfit return instead with a brief but dextrously complex EP that sees them effortlessly roll back the years. Continue reading

Brooklyn’s foremost Jazz-Bhangra outfit crank up the funk.

Red Baraat

Gaadi of Truth

There are few bands who have ventured down the path of combining Bhangra music with jazz and funk. Fewer still can claim to have down so with as much success as Red Baraat, a Brooklyn-based musical collective whose line up swells and falls as required, although currently stands at eight strong, spread across an array of predominately percussion and brass instruments. Led by superbly moustachioed frontman/dhol drum player Sunny Jain, the band’s latest release Gaadi of Truth finds them effortlessly hurling themselves into the business of making riotous and irresistibly uplifting music. They have famously been dubbed “the best party band in years”, and rightly so on the evidence of their third full length studio effort. Continue reading

Aussie rockers change tack with experimental second offering.

Closure in Moscow

Pink Lemonade

When they first burst on to the scene in 2008 with their self-proclaimed ‘albumette’ The Penance and the Patience, Closure in Moscow’s sound was aggressive, edgy and deeply steeped in the post-hardcore rock popularised at the time by bands such as Fall of Troy and Circa Survive. Over six years later, following a musical journey that has not only seen them hop across the pond from Australia to the States but also shift their sound into the sonically dizzying realms of highly ambitious, musically complex progressive rock, The Australian five piece have returned in a glorious psychedelic haze with 2014’s offering Pink Lemonade. Continue reading